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Prefabricated Trench Drain

Top quality rugged construction makes our trench drains not prone to shipping and field handling problems like other products that are concrete composite, fiberglass and PVC.

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Commercial / Industrial

Our commercial / industrial trench drain systems are designed to handle any heavy duty application, such as gas stations, parking lots and factories, where durability and performance are a must.


Our residential trench drain systems are specifically designed to handle smaller surfaces such as driveways and garages.  They’re easy to install, maintenance free and ruggedly constructed.

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Find out why our Preform Trench Drain Systems are superior to our competitors.  Our trench drain systems are easier to install and not prone to shipping and field handling problems.

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We’re seeking manufacturers’ representatives who are qualified and work with architects, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and design-build contractors to get products specified.

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Let our experts help you with all your trench drain system questions and needs.

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