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Preform Trench Drain - Finally - Your Construction Drainage Solution That is Simple, Functional, Durable and Attractive.

Preform Trench Drain provides products that are consistent with their reputation for a simple, rugged and durable trench drain system that satisfies our customer's needs. Preform Trench Drain has a proven track record among contractors in supplying a simple, reliable high performing product for a great variety of applications. Learn more »

Trench Drain History

Preform Trench Drain Co. was the original prefabricated galvanized trench drain. In 1968, working with oil company engineers, John Chrien designed and engineered a product that was a cast in place forming system that eliminated the need for hand forming and the use of wood forms to make the trench drain system. A variety of shapes and custom layouts have been developed for a pre-engineered approach. The product is delivered to site, easily setup, assembled and poured in place. Read more about us »


Trench Drains Product Overview

Preform Trench Drain is manufactured from 12 or 13 gauge top quality rugged and galvanized steel construction. As a result, our product is not prone to shipping and field handling problems like other products that are concrete composite, fiberglass or PVC.

Catch basins are designed for in-field easy to use installation. Trench Drain grates are supplied per the customer's needs, which may include H-20 load bearing requirements. Performance is part of our design. Our product is designed for nearly all applications. Call (800) 362-1384 or contact us to place your order.


Commercial/Industrial Applications

From gas stations to parking lots to factories. Preform drains are designed for virtually any heavy duty application where durability and performance are a must.

Manufactured as complete units, Preform drains offer unusually easy installation and dependable, trouble-free operation.

Call (800) 362-1384 or contact us to place your order


Residential Applications

Same benefits, smaller size. Preform Residential drain systems offer the same easy installation, effective maintenance-free performance and rugged construction of the larger Preform systems, but have been specifically designed for residential use.

Preform Residential drain systems are available only in 6" widths and are constructed with a "bottom open design". Preform Residential drains are designed for handling smaller surface areas such as driveways and garages. Call (800) 362-1384 or contact us to place your order.

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